This is an exciting opportunity for experienced crew leaders looking to get in on the ground floor of a brand new conservation corps program. Building on the partnerships and work which Arizona Conservation Corps has completed in southern New Mexico over the years, Conservation Legacy is launching Conservation Corps New Mexico. CCNM crews will be based in Las Cruces, NM and all project work will take place on public lands in southern New Mexico and western Texas. Successful crew leaders are technically apt, self-motivated, energetic and tenacious – they understand the value of hard work in the outdoors and are driven to excellence in conservation.

Crew leaders supervise 7-8 person AmeriCorps crew to perform heavy manual labor related to environmental conservation and restoration projects; work outdoors in all types of weather and successfully adapts to various climates; camps overnight outdoors in wilderness areas near work sites for short or extended periods of time; effectively learn and apply new environmental conservation and restoration skills and outdoor living skills; actively participate in environmental education activities; practice appropriate safety procedures in all tasks assigned; use, maintain and repair hand and power tools as necessary.

Schedule: A typical field season involves 2 weeks of crew leader training, 2 weeks of member orientation and technical skill training, and a 16 – 19 week season. In season (post-training) crews typically follow a hitch schedule of eight to nine days on project (camping at the project site) with five to six days off in town. The day starts at 7:00AM with a stretch circle and safety meeting. The day includes two fifteen minute breaks and a half hour break for lunch. The day concludes at 5:30PM. During the “hitch” crews work together during the day, eat and camp together in the evening and learn together throughout. Crews work in remote settings in all weather conditions. Depending on the project and location, crews may spend some of their season deep in the backcountry with little or no support.


Crew Leaders earn $460 – $600 per week depending on experience. During each hitch, food for cooking and campsites for lodging will be provided. All members and leaders are responsible for finding their own accommodations on their 6 days off – CCNM does not provided off-time residences.


Required Qualifications:

Previous conservation corps leadership experience or experience on a professional trail or fire-fuels crew
Demonstrated outdoor leadership experience
High degree of physical fitness and ability to work long days in adverse conditions
High School diploma or GED certificate
Preferred Qualifications:

Professional conservation, construction or landscaping experience
Familiarity with basic conservation skills including: chainsaw operation, crosscut operation, full bench trail construction, trail and corridor maintenance, and hand tool maintenance
Relevant Bachelor’s Degree (Environmental Science, Conservation, Biology, Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation, etc…)
Good driving record (insurable by current carrier) and current driver’s license
Experience teaching outdoor experiential and/or environmental education
Current Wilderness First Responder or higher and CPR certification

About Conservation Corps New Mexico

Exciting, challenging, rewarding—there is no one word to describe participating in a Conservation Corps New Mexico Program. You’ll learn, but it will probably take sweat. You’ll complete great service projects, but it won’t always be easy. You’ll meet some great people, but you won’t always see eye-to-eye. It’s about learning, working hard for the environment and our communities, and giving something back. We’re glad you’re interested in joining us!