CCYC Crew Leader Development Member Job Description
$300 per week February-June (training), $425-$525 per week July- November depending on experience and job performance.  Members are eligible for AmeriCorps Education Awards upon season completion.
~Late February – November 2018
The Crew Leader’s 8-month season starts with a three-month spring training program designed to build leadership skills and confidence.  During the first two weeks there will be chainsaw and first aid training, and orientation to CCYC policies and procedures.  For the remainder of the season crews will work on conservation projects in the four corners region- chainsaw, trail, and fencing work primarily- while taking time out to continue to develop leadership skills with a variety of activities. These activities will be lead by CCYC staff and Head Crew Leaders and will include: discussion, both in one-on-one and group formats; scenarios designed to make crew leaders in training think critically about situations they may encounter; lecture-style lessons in both hard and soft skills; and as the season progresses, practice leading the projects, completing paperwork, and supervising rig-up and derig operations.
Upon successful completion of the Crew Leader Development Program, the Crew Leaders will receive a pay raise and will co-lead teams of 6 corps members through November, including a summer session of high school age crews. Crew leaders may be eligible to receive an AmeriCorps Education award upon completion of the Fall season.
CCYC crews typically work 9 days on, 5 days off, camping in remote locations during time on.  During time off crews are welcome to stay at our base camp facility in Monticello, UT.  Summer youth crews work 5 on, 2 off, but are supervised for the entirety of the four-week program.  There is typically one week off for Crew Leaders in between each season.
·  Work with CCYC staff to implement operating policies, crewmember handbook, grievance procedure, uniform and safety policy, and all other necessary operational policies and procedures.
·  Complete and submit daily and weekly paperwork, and other forms as needed.
·  Participate in and complete three-month Crew Leader Development Program
·  Implement service projects according to technical specifications given by land management agencies and CCYC Staff.
·  Implement and uphold safety procedures.
·  Assist with daily/weekly operational schedules of crews.
·  Maintain solid relations with project sponsors and partners and maintain high service project quality.
·  Maintain equipment (vehicles, tools, supplies) and purchase food and necessary program supplies, while staying within existing budget.
·  Foster an ‘esprit de corps’ and participate in corps activities as needed.
·  Work hard and live outdoors for long periods of time in variable conditions.
·  Assist with training and orientation of corps members (summer and fall).
·  Implement development activities including: education, life skills, mentorship, training, field trips, enrichment activities, and service learning throughout corps program.
·  Conduct pre and post corps evaluations.
·  Working with youth in service related and/or youth development programs and principles, preferred.
·  Working with public and federal agencies, preferred.
·  Youth corps experience, preferred.
·  Experience camping and in outdoor recreation required.
·  Experience in outdoor work projects, required. Trail building, chainsaw, and fencing skills, preferred.
·  First Aid/CPR or higher such as Wilderness First Responder, preferred.
·  High level of maturity and professionalism.
·  Strong verbal and written communication skills.
·  Strong time-management skills and ability to work independently as well as with others.
·  Ability and willingness to work a flexible and varying schedule.
·  Valid driver’s license and an insurable driving record.
·  Must be able to pass a criminal history background check.
·  Sense of humor.
Submit your resume, cover letter and three references to Jason Phillips ([email protected]) -Program Development Coordinator.
Reasonable accommodations can be made for interviews, as well as for service, for any qualified applicant with a disability.

About Canyon Country Youth Corps

The Canyon Country Youth Corps (CCYC) is an AmeriCorps program operated by the Four Corners School of Outdoor Education in Monticello, Utah. CCYC provides opportunities for youth and young adults, ages 15-25, to participate in service work projects on public lands in Southeastern Utah in partnership with the land-managing agencies of the region.
Projects include trail maintenance and construction; fence construction, repair or demolition; habitat restoration; mechanical and non-mechanical thinning; invasive species removal and treatment; and other conservation related projects in backcountry and front country settings. CCYC involves youth from the four corners region as well as national hires.